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BCBS contributes to #GarlandStrong 


Representatives from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas were on hand at the April 19 City Council meeting to present a $20,000 contribution to the #GarlandStrong campaign, a fundraiser for providing assistance to Garland families impacted by the Dec. 26 tornado.

“As all of you know the tornado on Dec. 26 affected a lot of people and those effects still go on,” Mayor Douglas Athas said. “The city has a campaign, #GarlandStrong, to raise funds for those that still have expenses outside of the norm. We will continue to raise money and tonight Blue Cross and Blue Shield is here to present a check to the city for that program.”

Melissa Sanden from BCBS of Texas said that she was there representing not only Bert Marshall, the company’s president, but also all the employees of BCBS.

She expressed their solidarity with the city of Garland and all the North Texas families that were affected by the December tornadoes.

“Those were very difficult times for many of us but great communities rise from great challenges as Garland is demonstrating through the #GarlandStrong campaign,” Sanden said. “Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is proud to be a part of this community and we know that being a part of the Garland community, we also have the responsibility to respond in times of need.

“We hope that this will help the city to provide further relief and assistance to those families that are still in need,” Sanden said.

Athas expressed deep appreciation for the $20,000 contribution on behalf of the city.

About BCBS: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is the largest and most experienced health care insurance company in the state. We provide coverage to more than 5.1 million members.


Photo: Front row, l-r: Garland Mayor Douglas Athas; Melissa Sanden, Lauri Kelley and Kim Doyle, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas; Garland City Council Members.