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Bullock students learn important safety lesson 

What is the most important part of the body? Ask a Bullock Elementary School student and they might say their brain. The campus recently received a visit from the Pilot Club of Dallas, who taught students to be Brainminders by using seat belts in the car, wearing helmets while riding a bike and staying away from guns.

“A safety helmet is something that will preserve your brain and eliminate brain injury, which is the focus of Pilot International,” said Lori Rosso, president-elect of the Pilot Club of Dallas.

The Pilot Club travels to schools around the area giving free safety lessons via a puppet show. In addition to the performance, members also gift all attendees a brand new bike helmet. At Bullock, School Resource Officer Rene Granado helped reinforce the Pilot Club’s message by ending the special assembly with a demonstration of how to properly wear a helmet like he does while riding his motorcycle.