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From the Readers

Letter to the editor: Garland Summer Track Club

I was very disturbed by the news the other day that there will be no Garland Summer Track Club this summer (2017) due to undisclosed reasons. This is something unheard of for the past 50+ years. Not having the club will have a huge impact on well over 300 youths. This is an activity that this community has counted ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: God & Kings

Television news programs present their audience with the impression that a major world war is constantly pending. Such stressful news has a way of drowning the human spirit in ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Faith and the public domain

Early Christianity rose triumphantly without the need of government support. In fact, history shows that when the faith community utilized the arm of the law to enforce their values, ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Faith and unbelief

For many devout Evangelical Christians, the universe owes its very origin to a living, wise and all powerful God. Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning God created the heavens ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Happy Thanksgiving

There are many reasons for expressing gratitude for the small and large things which occur in life that individuals usually take for granted these days. Some reasons are related ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Guns and competency

Just because a person has a concealed license to carry a firearm does not automatically make that person competent to handle a gun in challenging personal circumstances. There are ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: GISD natatorium decision

Voters, volunteers, and taxpayers in GISD are shocked that on Tuesday, 9/13, the Garland ISD Board of Trustees voted 4-3 to reject the natatorium that was promised in 2014 ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Supreme Judge Almighty

The Bible describes the Creator of the universe as a just God—the Supreme Judge of the universe. He has unveiled himself as the Moral Legislator of nature, “…Shall not ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Ruler of the universe

God is the Lord and Ruler of the physical realm. What God creates He controls. This wonderfully-made universe with its intricate physical laws came into being by a wise, ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Reasons for reading scripture

It has been documented that many believers (i.e., Christians) don’t support their local churches financially, don’t attend church frequently, don’t share the gospel of Christ, let alone read their ...Full Article
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