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From the Readers

Letter to the editor: Ruler of the universe

God is the Lord and Ruler of the physical realm. What God creates He controls. This wonderfully-made universe with its intricate physical laws came into being by a wise, eternal God:  Psalm 33:6, “By the word of the LORD were made…”; Psalm 33:9, “For he spoke, and it came to be…” As Ruler and Creator of the universe, the ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Reasons for reading scripture

It has been documented that many believers (i.e., Christians) don’t support their local churches financially, don’t attend church frequently, don’t share the gospel of Christ, let alone read their ...Full Article

Letter to the Editor: Random act of kindness

In the mid to late 1990’s we called them Random Acts of Kindness and these days we call it Paying It Forward. No matter what you call it, it’s ...Full Article

From the readers: Inside the Apple

New York from a Garlandite’s perspective The homeless man finished the final chorus of the song and offered to sing another one for us. By the time the train ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Joseph and Mary

There are two important biblical characters that we should not forget this season, and they are Joseph and Mary. Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary who gave ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: A call for more cancer research funding

Hope is critical to the fight against cancer. Whether it’s hope for a better treatment or just a better day, hope is what keeps most patients going; it’s also ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: GOD: The Living God

Perhaps you have heard the slogan, “May the force be with you.” This idea is sometimes associated with the concept of God. Some take this to mean the presence ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Firewheel Bunco group celebrates anniversary

Bunco is a popular game of chance incorporating dice, luck and prizes.  It arrived in the United States in 1855 and has evolved into a game often played monthly ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: 2015 Manufacturing Day

 The manufacturing industry is facing a major skilled workforce shortage. It is estimated that over the next decade, two million manufacturing jobs in America will go unfilled due to ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: The brevity of life

There is a popular saying, “Life is short.” When some individuals state, “Life is short,” they give the impression that we must enjoy life to the fullest by usually ...Full Article
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