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From the Readers

Letter to the editor: Garland flooding issue

The major news stations have continually reported flooding of resident homes in Garland related to Glenbrook of Duck Creek overflowing. We are sincerely sorry for the families that have been affected. I’m seeking help to correct an injustice that’s been costly to myself and my surrounding neighbors. In 2004 the city of Garland raised O’Banion Road five feet above ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: God and the cosmos

We owe our existence to God and God alone. We did not come into being without Him. The cosmos is another word for the universe. It is called the ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: GPD serves and protects

With the nationwide police excess force epidemic, it is reassuring to learn that you have a local officer who does it right. Much of excessive force is due to ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Small precautions

This article is based on a true event that took place in another state regarding a traffic stop. The driver complied with the officer’s commands, but the officer made ...Full Article

Letter to the editor: Jesus and other religions

Do all religions lead to real eternal blessings? This should be a significant life question to consider for those who have been taught a particular belief system. This article ...Full Article
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