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Cultural Arts Commission announces award winners 


The Garland Cultural Arts Commission, Inc. announced their winners of the 2017 GISD High School Senior Art Competition. Cash awards were presented during a reception March 2 at the Granville Arts Center, honoring all students who entered the competition and their instructors. This marks the 30th year for the GCAC, Inc. Awards.

The 2017 GISD High School Senior Art Competition was organized by David Sanders, Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts for GISD. This year, $3,900 was given to first, second, third and fourth place high school Senior winners.


The GCAC/GISD Senior Art Show will remain at the Granville Arts Center through March 20. The judge for the Garland Cultural Arts Commission, Inc. Art Show was professional artist Shug Jones.


BEST OF SHOW:   Nicholas Moulder

Drawing/Black and White


1st Place:         Gaby Banda

2nd Place:        Rebecca Romero

3rd Place:         Katherine Rodriguez

4th Place:          Carmen Castro

Honorable Mention: Roxanne Springman; Christine Silbert




1st Place:          Nicholas Moulder

2nd Place:        Hailey Gonzalez

3rd Place          Destiny Neathery

4th Place           Ariel Bellatin

Honorable Mention:  Daniel Choi




1st Place:          Abbey Adkisson

2nd Place:        Taylor Kennedy

3rd Place:         Joeli Clites

4th Place           Taylor Kennedy

Honorable Mention:   Zelma Miranda




1st Place:          Trey Lee         

2nd Place:        Troy Reyno

3rd Place:         Ruby Estrada

4th Place           Mylien Lancaster

Honorable Mention:  Alan Dominguez

Printmaking/Photography/Computer Art


1st Place:         Payton Walker

2nd Place:        Rachel Roberson

3rd Place:         Baillie Finneran

4th Place:          Beto Araujo 

Honorable Mention: Payton Walker




1st Place:         Joeli Clites

2nd Place:        Nicholas Moulder

3rd Place:         Gaby Banda

4th Place:          Rebecca Romero 

Honorable Mention: Katherine Rodriguez

Ceramic Sculpture

1st Place:          Christian Martinez

2nd Place:        Destini Manning 

3rd Place.:        Hannah Maxon 

4th Place:          Marsadies Gonzalez

Honorable Mention: Abraham Martinez


Ceramic Vessels


1st Place:          Taylor Nguyen

2nd Place:          Maria Berreles

3rd Place:          Marisa Leuvano

4th Place:          Aaron Loya

Honorable Mention: Steven Estrada