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Dallas Builders Association offers guidance to tornado victims 

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In the wake of last weekend’s severe weather, the Dallas Builders Association offers guidance aimed at preventing storm victims from incurring further damage from unscrupulous contractors.

“Losses due to fraud are one of the untold costs associated with disasters,” said Dallas BA Executive Officer Phil Crone. “It is only a matter of time before fly-by-night contractors make their way here from out of state. Fortunately, there are many protections in place for consumers.”

“Fly-by-night” contractors often appear in communities right after a disaster and further victimize those affected by swindling them out of their precious and limited resources by promising inexpensive and quick repair work. As such, the Dallas BA urges storm victims to beware of contractors who:

  • Tell them that a contract on a job “will not be necessary.”
  • Ask for payment for the entire job up front or for cash to be paid to a salesperson instead of check or money order to a company.
  • Utilize intimidation, scare tactics or threats.
  • Say that the homeowner qualifies for a “special low price” that is only good for a limited time.
  • Will not provide references, or references cannot be located.
  • Provide a business address that cannot be verified.

North Texans looking for more information to help them get on the road to recovery and rebuilding should visit A special section on the website provides tips on selecting a contractor including what questions to ask, relevant Texas legislation and search link to locate residential construction professionals.

About Dallas Builders Association: The Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas, chartered in 1944, is a trade association representing all segments of the residential building industry in the Dallas Metropolitan area. Its mission is to enhance its members’ ability to provide safe, affordable, quality housing to the citizens of the local communities.