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DWI enforcement stepped up for spring break 


The Garland Police Department will step up DWI patrols starting Saturday, March 4, and run them through Tuesday, March 21.


The increased Driving While Intoxicated patrols are for an Impaired Driver Mobilization project.  The project is funded through a TXDOT grant program which targets DWI along with Driving Under the Influence by Minors. The patrols will be active in the night time hours by utilizing both marked and unmarked police cars.


Officers may apply for blood search warrants for those drivers who refuse to consent to giving a specimen of their breath or blood when arrested for Driving While Intoxicated related offenses.


Convicted first-time DWI offenders can pay a fine of up to $2,000, lose their driver’s license for up to a year and serve 180 days in jail. Safety officials say other costs associated with an impaired driving arrest and conviction can add up to more than $17,000 for bail, legal fees, court appearances, court ordered classes, vehicle insurance increases and other expenses.


In 2015, on Texas Highways, there were 1,446 people killed in motor vehicle crashes where the driver was under the influence of alcohol.


Designate a Driver or the Police will provide one for you.


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