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GCAC announces Visual Arts Awards 

The Garland Cultural Arts Commission announced the winners of the GISD High School Art Competition. Cash awards were presented during a reception March 23 at the Granville Arts Center honoring all the students who entered the competition and their instructors.

This marks the 28th year for the GCAC, Inc. Awards.  The GISD Visual Arts Show was coordinated by Chad Wilkinson, Lead Art Teacher for GISD.  This year, more than $2,500 was given to first, second and third place high school senior winners. The GCAC/GISD Senior Art Show will remain at the Granville Arts Center through March 31.  The judge for the Garland Cultural Arts Commission Art Show was professional artist Shug Jones.

2015 Garland Cultural Arts Commission/ GISD Student Art Show Winners:


Drawing/Black and White

1st Place:      DOMINIQUE CAPERS  (009)

2nd Place:     OZIEL ROBLES  (009)

2nd Place:      GABINO HERNANDEZ  (009)

3rd Place:      PATTY LIMONES  (009)

Honorable Mention:  LUCRECIA ORDUNA (002); MONICA FACUNDO (002);

                         MICAYLA BOREN (009); HUNTER WRIGHT (009)


1st Place:      SARA GARCIA (009)

2nd Place:     RHIANNA ROBLES  (002)

3rd Place       JUAN LOPEZ (005)

Honorable MentionMADDIE WEBB  (008); ALBERTO MORENO (002);



1st Place:      OZIEL ROBLES  (009)

2nd Place:      SWATHI VENATTU  (002)

3rd Place:      JAROL JUAREZ  (002)

Honorable Mention: HORACIO ESPINOZA  (009);  MELISSA ANGELO  (005) 


1st Place:      BEN RIOS  (009)

2nd Place:      WILSON LU  (002)

3rd Place:      YOLANDA THI NGO  (005)

Honorable Mention:  NIM PATEL ( 004);   ILCE VILLEDA-PRINCIPE  (004)

Printmaking/Photography/Computer Art

1st Place:      TONY BARRERA  (002)

2nd Place:      RICARDO SANTIAGO  (009)

3rd Place:      ARLEENE MATA  (002)

Honorable Mention:  MEDI LISTON  (002) ;  AURORA BROWN  (002)


1st Place:       DINA CAMPOS  (009)

2nd Place:      AVERIE NIX  (002)

3rd Place:      DANE LUDICK  (002)

Honorable Mention: DINA CAMPOS  (009)

Ceramic Sculpture

1st Place:      GREG BURTON  (009)

2nd Place:      CRISTOPHER CANE  (009)

3rd Place:       SHELBY BRECHT (005)

Honorable Mention:  ZARIA WEATHERALL  (002)


Ceramic Vessels

1st Place:       DELILAH CARRILLO  (003)

2nd Place:      RENEE GARCIA  (003)

3rd Place:      CHASE POWERS  (003)

Honorable Mention:  ALYSSA MORENO  (003);  ALLENIA CHRISTOPHER  (008)