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GISD natatorium, career tech center costs exceed bond program budget 

Herschel Acosta, a representative from Jacobs, the company that is managing the bond program for Garland ISD, provided an update at the Sept. 21 Garland ISD Board of Trustees meeting.

Jacobs has completed the programming phase for the natatorium and career technical education center and is currently working on the schematic design review for the natatorium. The design document phase is in progress for the CTE.

The total cost for each project has come in higher than the amount originally provided to taxpayers.

“The needs for the natatorium and CTE exceed a little bit more than what our budget is,” Acosta said.

What Acosta refers to as “a little bit more” represents an increase of more than 40 percent for the natatorium and more than 13 percent for the CTE.

The original budget amount for the natatorium listed on the summary is $22,491,884. The adjusted amount is $31,558,570. The difference exceeds $9 million. The original budget amount for the CTE listed on the project summary is $31,993,437. The adjusted amount is $36,398,200 and the difference is more than $4.4 million.

According to the project summary, the differences in the CTE and natatorium amounts are primarily attributable to costs of design services, construction and furniture, fixtures and equipment.

No explanation was provided as to how these increases will be funded or whether other projects will be dropped from the bond program to make up the difference.

Acosta also announced that work on the softball and baseball fields has begun and projects currently being performed include excavation, piers and foundation work for the restrooms and concessions stands. Work at Sachse HS field is being done first.

Joel Falcon, the executive director of the facilities/maintenance department announced that work on the high school football practice fields was delayed because of weather but has now been completed. This project included installing artificial turf on each field along with other improvement.