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GISD offers help against bullying 

No student should be subjected to bullying or harassment that interferes with their ability to learn. No student should be subjected to safety problems that can result from bullying and harassment. School safety is a priority and we take complaints of bullying very seriously.


What is bullying?


Bullying is defined as a single significant act or a pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another student that exploits an imbalance of power and involves engaging in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that:


  • has the effect or will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student’s person or damage to the student’s property;
  • is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student;
  • materially or substantially disrupts the educational process or the orderly operation of a classroom or school; or
  • infringes on the rights of the victim at school.


The definition of bullying includes cyberbullying. This applies to:


  • bullying that occurs on or is delivered to school property or to the site of a school-related activity on or off school property;
  • bullying that occurs on a publicly or privately owned school bus or vehicle being used for transportation of students to or from school-related activity; and
  • cyberbullying that occurs off school property or outside of a school-sponsored or school-related event, if the conduct interferes with a student’s educational opportunities or substantially disrupts the operations of school, classroom, or school-related activity.


Our Cybersafety page has more information about cyberbullying and tips and resources to help keep students safe online.


Bullying investigation process


This information presented below is designed to help you understand the bullying investigation process.


Step 1: Bullying report

Step 2: Investigation by school administration

Step 3: Bullying determination

Step 4: Notification of findings

Step 5: Consequences assigned



Information provided by Garland ISD.