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Good Sam receives significant donation 


Tucked in among the many warehouses in Garland is a supply warehouse that made Tuesday, June 27, a great day for Good Samaritans of Garland, Inc. by donating 17 pallets of food, clothing and hygiene items. Because the donation was so large and the donor was requesting immediate pickup, Pam Swendig, executiv e director at Good Samaritans, called Beth Dattomo at the city of Garland for help finding a place to deliver and sort the donated items. Dattomo reached out to Garland ISD who offered the use of a large warehouse where the donated items could be sorted and held for distribution to10 local service agencies.


Because of the efficient work of everyone involved, the items were picked up, sorted and delivered to 10 charitable organizations in only six hours.


Swendig was happily overwhelmed by this generous donation. She also expressed gratitude to the city of Garland, Garland ISD and Interim Superintendent Dr. Deborah Cron, Garland ISD board of trustees member Linda Griffin, Chester Johnson and crew at GISD’s Marvin Padgett Auxiliary and Good Sam volunteers.


“The teamwork, cooperation, flexibility and good spirit of everyone involved made the seemingly impossible, possible,” she said.


About Good Samaritans, Inc: Locally-supported, locally funded, Good Sam provides food assistance to help families and individuals who are in need move toward self-sufficiency. Good Sam serves the Garland, Rowlett and Sachse communities and believes community partnering builds a stronger community. Established in 1982 by the Garland Ministerial Alliance, Good Samaritans of Garland, Inc. was incorporated in 1983. Good Sam was founded on the concept that as churches became aware of people in need, they could refer them to a central agency rather than each church maintaining its own food pantry. Being good stewards of donated resources and helping people in need, Good Samaritans operates as a client-based food pantry.  Monthly, families and individuals receive dry goods, dairy and meat; weekly, clients receive fresh fruit and produce.  For the homeless community, Good Sam provides a 10-pound food bag of protein, fruit, nuts, juice and water. In addition, hygiene kits are provided for men and women.


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