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Harmony robotics teams place in tournament 


Harmony Science Academy Garland and Harmony School of Business’s robot-bearing students from TigerPower and HSBTigers teams respectively secured fifth place at the VEX IQ Ringmaster Tournament in Garland Saturday, Dec. 2.


In the VEX IQ Challenge, students, with guidance from their teachers and mentors, build a robot using simple, snap-together VEX IQ parts to solve an engineering challenge. Teams work together to score points in Teamwork Matches and get to show off their skills individually in driver-controlled and programming Robot Skills Challenges.


This year, Harmony’s robotics teams collaborated with over 35 other robotics teams from across Texas. The event challenged students to design, build, and program their robots to work together to score as many points possible using colored rings on floor goals and goal posts, by having uniform posts, emptying starting pegs and releasing the bonus tray. The tournament is qualifier round for the chance to showcase their skills at the VEX Robotics World Championship. The culminating event of the season draws the best teams from across the country in an effort to be crowned World Champions.


Harmony Science Academy’s team TigerPower is coached by Janet Nimer and Tamara Yarborough with team members Edgar Arreola and Ebubechi Nwaokolao (sixth grade); fifth-graders Thomas Kebede and Marvelous Lekwuwa; and fourth-grader Khalid Taylor. Harmony School of Business’s team, HSBTigers, is coached by Mevlut Kaymaz and is composed of sixth-grade students Saif Yusuff, Murathan Yildirim, Mark Manning, Yigit Kazanci and seventh-grade student Mucteba Karaca.


Janet Nimer, Harmony Science Academy’s team adviser said, “I am very proud of what these students have accomplished. The Teamwork Challenge is especially important because it requires students to adapt in real time to challenges their robots face in a high-stakes environment. I can’t think of a better example of workplace collaboration for these young engineers to experience.”


The founders and sponsors of the VEX IQ Challenge echo Mrs. Nimer’s sentiment. “Teamwork, problem-solving, and ingenuity are all on display at a VEX IQ Challenge event and students develop these skills all year long by participating on a robotics team,” said Dan Mantz, CEO of the REC Foundation. “Together, with the support of educators, coaches and mentors, we’re fostering students’ passion for STEM at a young age to ensure that we have a generation that is dedicated to creating new discoveries and tackling life’s future challenges.”


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