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Letter to the editor: Faith and the public domain 

Early Christianity rose triumphantly without the need of government support. In fact, history shows that when the faith community utilized the arm of the law to enforce their values, it became a recipe for disaster. For example, “convert” or “face the sword,” was not the most notable way of expressing the love and grace of God. Christianity is not about promoting violence. The government and the Church are not accountable to each other. One of the many ways that believers express their discontent and displeasure with politicians is by practicing their right to vote. Many believers maintain that their voting right to express their biblical values is under fire. For example, abortion should not be used as a birth control method. Personal lust and sexual desire do not replace the principle of personal responsibility for those actions. Removing an innocent infant from inside the woman’s womb because of personal irresponsibility does not excuse the decision to destroy the life of that unborn person. Life with a heartbeat is a special gift from God!


The Church is acutely aware that some laws of our culture by secular politicians do not support religious liberties. There are no expectations from Christians that a secular society welcomes the right to express their personal faith as well. One example of this is the removing of the Ten Commandments from certain public areas. Personal faith does have an important place within the public domain as guaranteed by the Constitution. Government may attempt to legislate morality according to the standards of society, but it does have significant limitations to influence an individual in that area. True morality can only be established by the absolute truth of the Word of God. For Christians, the order of allegiance is to God, family and then the government.


No one has ever successfully lived apart from God, including the government. Decisions have consequences. The idea that we can live without God is just asking for moral decadence, constant injustice and uncontrollable violence. The true answer to these problems in every culture is the unlimited mercy of God that can only come through believing in Jesus Christ.


George L. Arroyo