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Letter to the editor: Garland development 


I’ve been living here since the early 1980s. I’ve seen so much go downhill in Garland and it’s so frustrating. There has been a sign out for the future home of North Garland library for years now on North Garland Avenue and still nothing.  And, we have had the same restaurants (which are always packed) that we’ve had forever.


My husband and I just continually ask ourselves “what are they thinking” with some of the development decisions they make. It seems they are missing out on a lot of possible revenue by making the decisions they make. We have low expectations now after what we’ve seen over the years.  And I guess I’m mainly speaking of North Garland area.


Also, when are they EVER going to expand Firewheel Mall – instead of continually closing and shutting down businesses, and when are they going to utilize the land along Bush and put in some good restaurants instead of new fast food stuff everywhere?


I’d also like to know when they are going to stop letting folks smoke at the Chilis up near Firewheel?  It’s disgusting and hits you in the face when you go in.  I will not dine there again until it’s smoke-free – can’t believe it’s not


Why does it take the city of Garland FOREVER to build anything new?


I know we’re not the only ones feeling this way so maybe we’ll get more folks to share their thoughts.