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Letter to the editor: Garland Summer Track Club 

I was very disturbed by the news the other day that there will be no Garland Summer Track Club this summer (2017) due to undisclosed reasons. This is something unheard of for the past 50+ years. Not having the club will have a huge impact on well over 300 youths. This is an activity that this community has counted on for many years.


I have seen many good things come out of the summer track club. Among those are getting our youth prepared for their next athletic challenge in life and keeping our youth active. It is time well spent in the summer months when there is little or nothing for them to do.

I’ve been involved in Garland Summer Track Club for the past 15 years and my sons have participated up until their 2015 summer.


The club has had a great number of volunteers over the years to help support our youth. A lot of time and dedication put forth to assure that our youth were prepared for the summer track meets. Without the Garland Summer Track Club, many of our youth will not have a place to go, or will not engage in any extra activities during the summer months.


History speaks for itself that a great number of youths doing the summer months that if they are not active during that time span, negative results will tally.


We as a community, must come together to assure that our young people have a place to go for their track and field experience.


Submitted by Henry Duvernay.