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New administration to welcome students back to school 


Several new principals and assistant principals will greet students as they return to school this year. A list of recent campus appointments is below.


Armstrong Elementary School – Coleman Bruman
Bullock Elementary School – Shannon Trimble
Centerville Elementary School – Amie Pennington
Classical Center at Vial Elementary School – Beatris Martinez
Club Hill Elementary School – Shae Creel
Daugherty Elementary School – Bonnie Barrett
Herfurth Elementary School – Jessica Hicks
Hudson Middle School – Jennifer Benavides
Keeley Elementary School – Spencer Hughes
Rowlett Elementary School – Kathy Tunnell
Sewell Elementary School – Kim Marsh
Shorehaven Elementary School – Deborah Henson
Southgate Elementary School – Quinton Darden
Stephens Elementary School – Janee Haynes
Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence – Lisa Alexander
Watson Technology Center for Math and Science – Chris Grey

Assistant Principals:

Austin Academy for Excellence – Eddrick Haskins
Beaver Technology Center for Math and Science – Magda Carrero-Diaz
Caldwell Elementary School – LaBotta Taylor
Coyle Middle School – Brent Reid
Coyle Middle School – Cherelle Wilson
Dorsey Elementary School – Denise Cambell
Heather Glen Elementary School – Pacquepsi Ramirez
Herfurth Elementary School – Bobbie Carter
Hudson Middle School – Mark Booker Jr.
Jackson Technology Center for Math and Science – Adrian Hernandez
Jackson Technology Center for Math and Science – Terri Osborne
Keeley Elementary School – Sheri Taylor
North Garland High School – Natasha Shaw
North Garland High School – Robert Quach
Northlake Elementary School – Zuri Tafciu
O’Banion Middle School – William Knuckles IV
Roach Elementary School – Claudia Saenz
Rowlett High School – Sonya Roberts
Sam Houston Middle School – Jocelynn Charbonneau
Schrade Middle School – Kenneth Pearce
South Garland High School – Angela Nolan
South Garland High School – Victoria Acevedo
Spring Creek Elementary School – Jade Hobbs
Steadham Elementary School – Jeffrey Waller
Stephens Elementary School – Kristen Babovec
Webb Middle School – Devonia Maddox