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Don’t miss ‘Slow Dancin’ with my Tractor!’ 


Actors Anonymous Theatre Company is proud to present its 40th production in its 20th year! The Drama Kings & Queens are back with Slow Dancin’ with my Tractor! A new original redneck musical comedy written by Lory Alison (book), Justin Fields (lyrics) and Trevor Dean Stewart (music).


It’s the Cash family’s last concert before Rufus and Dixie get a “dee-vorce” and their sons, Gator and Gidder Dunn aren’t handling it too well.


The production stars actress/singer Shelly Hansen James and some other familiar faces.


So, put on your cowboy hat and boots and join us for the hilarious Redneck Musical extravaganza, Slow Dancin’ with my Tractor! Tickets are on sale now for the Nov. 24 production at Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery at 509 West State Street in historic downtown Garland. Ticket price is $20 and includes a BBQ dinner at 7 p.m. Show is at 7:30 p.m.


Visit to purchase tickets and for more information. This show is rated PG-13 for naughty words and bawdy humor, so don’t say we didn’t warn y’all!


In the past 20 years, AATC has donated over $25,000 to a multitude of local, state & national charities. AATC was established in 1997 as an outlet for actors with real jobs (mostly teachers) to be artistic and give money to local charities. The actors felt “addicted” to acting and needed group therapy in the form of performing plays. Hundreds of actors and actresses have volunteered their time and energy to perform in, and crew for our shows since the first production, Moonchildren, in 1997.


The Drama Queens and Kings have traveled to perform at DIVAfest in San Francisco, Frontera Fest in Austin, Theatre Row in New York City, Keystone, Colorado, as well as a performance on a Carnival Cruise. AATC has produced 12 kid’s summer musicals with local children ages 3-18, with The Little Mermaid coming to the Plaza Theatre July 2018.


Lory Alison Stewart, AATC director, has written and directed 13 musical adaptations for Special Needs Adults in conjunction with the city of Garland Parks and Recreation (Holford Rec Center) and the Granville Arts Center. Another free inspiring performance by Special Needs Adult actors will be Jan. 28, 2018, at the Granville Arts Center.