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TEA study spotlights NGHS 

north garland

Due to its talented students and staff, North Garland High School was one of just 11 campuses spotlighted by the Texas Education Agency. The campus was selected to be part of a case study project, which outlined best practices at high-performing and high-progress Title I schools.

“The work taking place at these 11 schools reflects some innovative principles that can be applied in districts all across our state,” said Commissioner of Education Michael Williams in a press release. “It is my hope that by sharing these best practices, all schools can be in a position to help their students thrive and succeed in the classroom.”

TEA strategically chose campuses that featured a high percentage of low socio-economic students, excellent academic performance rates, quality teachers, a positive school climate and effective leadership. In order to document best practices, representatives from TEA and the Texas Comprehensive Center conducted interviews with campus principals, teachers and school improvement coordinators to learn about operating procedures and achievements.

North Garland will now impact and inspire schools across the state, as TEA plans to distribute the case study as part of its Texas school improvement trainings.

To see a list of participating campuses, or the complete case study, visit the TEA website.