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Texans Can Academy recognizes bus drivers 


With more and more students enrolling in Texans Can Academies’ campuses, one of their schools was especially appreciative of the bus drivers safely delivering their students to campus each day.  Garland Can Academy is giving back to those who have helped their students travel to school.


The local DART bus drivers who have helped the Garland school stay true to their mission of providing solutions for their students by driving them safely to school each day were given Amazon gift cards by the school’s principal, Daniel Johnson, as a thank you for their services.


The Garland campus, located at 2256 Arapaho Road, opened in January and is the sixth Dallas-area campus. Texans Can Academy has developed a mission to provide the highest quality education for all of their students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting.


The campus’ enrollment at Garland Can Academy has grown from 65 to a current enrollment of approximately 250 students. The school has an open enrollment policy and accepts new students throughout the school year. 


About Texans Can Academy:

Our core values are…

  • Student centered decision making.
  • A rigorous curriculum based on reading and thinking skills.
  • Fulfilling every aspect of our mission with a sense of urgency.


Our philosophy is…

  • Reading is the key to empowerment, personal fulfillment, success, and employment.
  • Personal responsibility, character, values, and passion lead to good citizenship.
  • Learning is best accomplished in a nurturing yet structured environment.