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Trims & Treasures combines hair salon, unique shopping 


Photos courtesy of Lark & Loom Collaborative


Sisters Shelia and Susan Ellenburg recently made a decision to combine their talents which resulted in a special hair salon/retail shop. The name of the shop, Trims & Treasures, represents both – trims for the hair salon side and treasures for the retail side which is called Bohemian Glow.


Shelia has been a hairstylist for almost 30 years and has spent the last seven of those years at 613 Main St. in downtown Garland. When her sister Susan returned to the United States, the pair decided to use the extra space in Shelia’s salon to create a unique shopping experience for downtown visitors.


“The main focus was to bring something different to downtown Garland. Downtown is moving up. It’s changed so much from when I was a kid,” Susan said.


Being born and raised in Garland, Susan’s first job was at Baker’s Furniture when it was a Thomasville gallery and she remembers a different downtown Garland.


“There are some great stores and great products here but I want to have something just a little different – not mainstream – to get people to come here that are not normally coming through here,” she said.


Susan added that people are searching for something different so she chooses her products with her clientele in mind. The shop offers products from all over the world that fit the bill for today’s customers looking for unique treasures.


“I have access to cool items that you wouldn’t see many other places because of my travels,” she said. “I want to bring that to other people and give them an opportunity to see something different. I want to provide a real shopping experience.”


She added that many hair salons are also boutiques and it’s great because people who are there to shop have an opportunity to meet a new hair stylist and those who are visiting the salon have a chance to find special retail items.


The store has an extensive selection of colorful handmade mosaic lamps and ceramic dishes from Turkey as well as handmade bedspreads, handmade candles and more.


Susan recently hosted a pop-up event at Trims & Treasures that featured items from all over the world including African baskets, mud cloth from Africa, an array of succulents, pillows from Thailand and more.

The goal was to bring in items that complemented each other and items already in the store.


Susan and Shelia hope to host a monthly pop-up event and macramé classes are now being offered at Trims & Treasures. The first class is July 30 and the second is Aug. 6. Click here for more information.


Shelia said that it is always good to have as much as possible going on in downtown Garland.


“There are so many positive changes going on. The growth is amazing. There are new restaurants that are bringing new people here,” she said. “With the apartments being built, too, it’s just awesome. And I know it’s going to be better all the time.”


Shelia added that she sees people out walking and window shopping in the evenings and said that she didn’t see that at all just a few years ago.


“And with the new grassy area on the square it is even better,” she said. “Anything that gets people moving around down here is very exciting.”


Susan and Shelia want people to know that Trims & Treasures is not strictly a hair salon and that the retail space no longer features antiques. Instead, it houses colorful treasures from around the world.


“We’ve brought in completely new inventory which is changing all the time,” Shelia said. “The look and the feel of the shop is very different.”


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