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Youth theater adds dance, music lessons 


The Breitling Youth Theater is expanding its list of offerings following an extensive remodel at their downtown Garland studio. In addition to acting instruction, dance, voice, guitar and piano lessons will be added. Owner Annie Breitling made decisions for new classes based on a survey completed by the students.

“We’ll be able to accommodate more kids, reach more kids and help them to be more well-rounded, not with just the acting, but with the music, singing and dance lessons,” Breitling said. “We’ve also developed a film program as well, where we offer film acting classes.”

One student has filmed an episode of a new television series, and a few students have reached a level that they have engaged agents.

“We have some very talented kids who have been with us for several years,” Breitling said.

Something that sets this youth theater apart from others of its type is that everyone who auditions gets a part in the show, which boosts self-confidence. Breitling added that it is encouraging for kids that might not have any experience at all, to have a chance to get started”theater

A 25 percent discount will be offered for the dance classes for the first few months and family pricing is available for those who have more than one child who would like to participate.

“We really try to keep our rates at a level that people can afford,” Breitling said.

“I checked around the area and compared our voice, music and dance lessons and we’ve really got the best prices around.”

The theater will continue to offer full-day summer camps and maybe add half-day camps as well and

the new lessons will be available right away. Students are already registering and the number of students per class is limited, so reserve space as soon as possible.

Renovations to the building, done by Jerry Walker, are extensive and have added new possibilities for the theater and students with specialized areas for voice, music and dance lessons. Walker and Breitling expressed gratitude to Lowe’s for donating some of the materials for the remodel.

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